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TMR / TGA photogeologic-geomorphic coverage

Southwest United States Coverage

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Available TMR / TGA detailed photogeologic-geomorphic coverage is indicated in green on the index above.  This mapping offers an inexpensive and unique source of information to the explorationist, resource analysis, and anyone seeking oil/gas/mineral prospects in the region.


Most of this mapping was conducted utilizing special purpose RC-9 photography taken with a 3.5-inch lens.  This photography offered a high 6-6.6x vertical exaggeration (one-degree of dip is exaggerated in stereoscopic view to 61/2 degrees) to allow identification of subtle folding and geomorphic expression.  This type of photography enabled the photogeologist to reliably map attitudes in very low dip areas.  Detailed analysis and interpretations were completed on the aerial photos.


An intensive and comprehensive reference search was carried out, prior to each study, to provide the necessary background for the analysis. Standard photogeologic methods were supplemented with detailed geomorphic and structural analysis. Geologic information interpreted and mapped during the studies included contacts, key beds, strikes and dips, anticlines and synclines, and faults. Geomorphic aspects of the studies included the analysis of drainage, erosional, tonal, and vegetative patterns. Once norms were established for the relationships between known geology and these patterns, subtle geologic information became more apparent and anomalies in the patterns were easily identified and mapped.


TMR / TGA mapped numerous geologic and geomorphic features throughout the detailed studies. Detailed analysis of the information presented on these maps provide numerous clues to subsurface features and the development of subtle trends and prospective areas for the entrapment of hydrocarbons and mineralized zones.


Price is dependent on size and contiguous nature of the purchase, in addition,  cost depends on deliverables. 

It is understood that any TMR / TGA coverage will be provided to under a license agreement.

Standard deliverables include

  1. Film and prints (b&w) at the scale of 1"=4,000 (1:48:000).
  2. Film and prints (b&w) at the scale of 1"=8,000 (1:96:000).
  3. Laminated color copy at the scale of 1"=8,000 (1:96:000).
  4. Geologic report (including discussions on Methods of Interpretation and Structural and Geomorphic Features of Prime Significance).

Digital data is available for an additional charge.



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