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TMR / TGA Photogeologic Mapping

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U.S. Domestic Mapping
The domestic map library of non-exclusive detailed photogeologic-geomorphic mapping encompasses more than 750,000 square miles within the United States.  Most of these studies were accomplished by the use of special purpose cameras and are considered to be the most comprehensive and detailed surface studies ever made of the subject area.   This mapping is available for purchase for less than one-fourth the original cost to perform the work.

Standard deliverables include:

  1. Film and prints (b&w) at the scale of 1"=4,000 (1:48:000).
  2. Film and prints (b&w) at the scale of 1"=8,000 (1:96:000).
  3. Laminated color copy at the scale of 1"=8,000 (1:96:000).
  4. Geologic report (including discussions on Methods of Interpretation and Structural and Geomorphic Features of Prime Significance).

    It is understood that any TMR / TGA coverage will be provided to under a license agreement.
    Digital data is available for an additional charge.
International Mapping

TMR / TGA International mapping consists of over 750,000 square miles outside the United States.  These studies include detailed photogeologic-geomorphic and satellite imagery tectonic and geomorphic analyses in numerous parts of the world.  More than 750,000 square miles of coverage exists in many petroliferous basins around the world, much of which was focused on the middle east.


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