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TGA Photogeologic-Geomorphic Maps

TGA maps again available through TMR

Trollinger-Marsh Resources, Inc. (TMR)

W V. Trollinger (founder and former owner of TGA)

An agreement has recently been reached between Petroleum Information Corporation (PI) and Trollinger-Marsh Resources, Inc. (TMR), whereby the PI TGA maps (over 750,000 square miles in the US) will be brokered to the industry through TMR and W.V. Trollinger.

THE BENEFITS OF TGA MAPPING in providing surface clues to subsurface geologic features have long been recognized by our industry. This is especially true today due to vast improvements in seismic technology and computerized geologic analysis ... which are opening up new frontiers in mature basins and undrilled areas alike.

THE SURFACE SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED in modern regional exploration programs. The structural, stratigraphic, and geomorphic data depicted on the TGA maps should be integrated with the geophysical and subsurface elements of the regional exploration database.

TMR is working toward upgrading the TGA maps in some areas, and researching the feasibility of scanning the maps to provide the information in digital format. Detailed photogeologic-geomorphic maps depict local and regional structure and stratigraphy with geomorphic analysis. Geologic outcrop patterns, strike and dip of beds, anticlinal and synclinal axes, fractures, faults, and alignments. Geomorphic features exhibited in drainage patterns, landforms, and textural and tonal variations are interpreted and identified as indicators of geologic structure.

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