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A COMPREHENSIVE PHOTOGEOLOGIC-GEOMORPHIC ANALYSIS BY TMR involves a thorough analysis of all the geologic evidence expressed at the surface. It is accomplished using a combination of the best types of aerial photography and satellite imagery obtainable to do the job. It consists of supplementing standard photogeologic techniques with detailed geomorphic structural analysis, and making reliable, perceptive interpretations that provide needed advance information for planning and executing broad scale petroleum/mineral exploration programs.

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STANDARD PHOTOGEOLOGIC TECHNIQUES provide excellent basic data where rock outcrops and structure are apparent. This entails the mapping of all visible stratigraphy and structure, including all geologic formations and mappable key beds, strike and dip of sedimentary strata, folds, faults, and fractures.

APPLIED GEOMORPHIC ANALYSIS is necessary in areas of semi-consolidated surface rocks, very gently dipping beds, widespread alluvium, mantle rock or vegetation cover. When judiciously used, "applied geomorphology" provides information often unobtainable by standard surface methods.

FOUR BASIC FACETS of the geomorphic approach are Drainage, Land Form, Fracture Pattern and Color/Tonal Analyses. These categories represent broad, interrelated fields of investigation, each of which receive thorough consideration in order to achieve a comprehensive evaluation.

IN ESSENCE "applied geomorphology" is concerned with determining the degree of influence that structure and lithology have had on the morphologic development of the region. Basic relationships are established, and "Interruptions" to the regional "norm" are interpreted as diagnostic clues to anomalous subsurface conditions.

FINAL INTERPRETATIONS of the photogeologic-geomorphic information, made in light of the geologic history and tectonic framework of the region, give significant clues to subsurface geologic conditions. They furnish numerous prospective areas for the accumulation of petroleum/mineral deposits, and provide regional concepts for planning and implementing broad-scale, cost-effective exploration programs.

For a more complete discussion of our techniques we offer a tutorial CD-ROM by mail. This CD has been prepared to describe the techniques our company, Trollinger-Marsh Resources, Inc. (TMR) has developed and utilized for more than 35 years of photogeologic-geomorphic mapping. The tutorial is available for a modest charge of $14.95. This charge helps us defray our reproduction and mailing charges. To order a copy email us at and request a copy of Applied Geomorphic Analysis - A Tutorial. It can also be requested on this site by following the CD-ROM Tutorial Link.



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