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TMR / TGA Photogeologic-Geomorphic Coverage
Over 800,000 sq. mi. of TMR / TGA mapping in U.S. (Similar coverage in international areas)


The TMR / TGA mapping was prepared using standard photogeologic methods supplemented with detailed geomorphic and structural analysis. Geologic information interpreted and mapped during each study includes, contacts, key beds, strike and dips, anticlines and synclines, and faults, Geomorphic aspects of each study include the analysis of drainage, erosional, tonal, and vegetative patterns. Once the norms were established for relationships between geology and these patterns, obscured geologic information became more apparent and abnormalities or divergences in the patterns were identified.

Key Benefits

bullet Proven Prospect Generation Tool
bullet Evaluate Existing Prospects Quickly
bullet Augments existing geologic or seismic data.


TMR’s standard coverage is formatted to 30’ x 30’ quadrangles and 1° x 1° quadrangles. The basic charge for this work is $2.50 (US)   per square mile with a minimum purchase of 1,000 square miles (or one 30’ quadrangle). A reduced charge for large areas will be determined based on the size and contiguous nature of your area of interest. Digital data is available for an additional $1.00 per square mile. Digital data is available as both raster and vector data and in various formats.


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